Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hit the Gym


Landon and Marshall have been recently hitting the weights and, let me tell you, we are getting HUGE. We are getting yoked. Marshall goes to Fitness Works, which is a small gym in Gilbert. He goes approximately goes 5 times a week, which is why he has gained SO MUCH MASS!! Landon goes to LA Fitness and also the Mesa YMCA. He also goes often, appoximately4 times a week. He is just starting, and not as big as Marshall, but he is still making grrreat gains!The roids are working well and the balls are shrinking. They used to be plump as plumb, but now they are as wrinkly as raisins.

Not only is the gym a great place to get exercise but it also doubles as a place to socialize. One day I was at the gym for 4 hours because I was talking to everyone and having a good time. Also the gym is nice to talk it up with all the fit hunnies. That is the best place to go if you are looking for a girl. Sometimes I'll go twice just to talk! I could live at the gym, with all the protein bars and powder, weights, and people (girls) you are just begging for a good time, while getting yoked to the Xtreme!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm a little disappointed in the comics...

To start a few things off, let's read this comic:

For those who read Arizona republic's comic, i am so sorry about this piece of crap that they put on display. This garbage is so boring i can't even read past the first square. I can't even look at the word Doonesbury!

Also another comic is Garfield. Over the past five years of my life I have been very impressed with the quality of entertainment I have recieved from reading this comic. But recently i have been alarmed that it gives me no possible enjoyment whatsoever. I can tell Jim Davis is running on fumes. His jokes are so terrible, I never can ever crack a smile reading this junk. I'm very disappointed.

However, there is one comic that I enjoy reading every Sunday. It is called Speed Bump. It is a classy one-lined square but fun. I laugh every time I read it. Check it out next week, you won't be disappointed, unlike some comics I know.